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2020/2021: Annual Client Intake Scheme

HSM Football Consultancy is delighted to announce its annual client intake for 2020/2021.

Are you a professional or semi-professional football player that:

  • Has experienced poor service or a lack of activity from your existing or previous intermediary/agent?

  • Has been recently been released by a Football League Academy and requires support and expertise to develop your career moving forward?

  • Requires their first intermediary/agent to navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with a career in the football industry?

If the answer is YES, then HSM would like to hear from you. For 2020/2021, we have a limited number of openings for players who have both the credentials and determination to maximise their potential in the beautiful game!

Successful applicants will receive a 24-month representation contract with HSM Football Consultancy and benefit from our extensive range of industry contacts and commercial expertise. In addition, players will also have access to our comprehensive suite of off-field support services, including; wellbeing, legal, public relations, brand management, relocation and wealth management.

Simply put, for applicants who are successful, it will be our mission to propel your career forward!

Apply HERE

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